Your Childs access code can be found on the flyer handed out on photo day. If you need your access code, CLICK HERE.


If you have lost the access code or your child did not receive an access code, please CLICK HERE.

My Order is incorrect. how can i get it corrected?

Please complete the “Need More Help?” form below detailing what needs corrected. Our support team will follow up ASAP.

can I order a digital group/class photo?

 The group/class photos are available as prints. They are not available as digital because they contain images of other athletes/students. You can add a print of the group/class to your order.

how will i receive my order if i have multiple athletes

Parents of multiple athletes that place one pre-order will receive all orders in ONE PACKAGE. Please check the envelope for both orders.

can i mix sibling photo galleries to make an order?

Photo galleries can not be combined due to processing constraints. Please contact customer support if you have further questions about your gallery.

Do I need to pre-pay? Can I view the image first?

The pre-pay option is available to some schools and most sports leagues/Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) for up to 3-5 days after photo day. If pre-pay is available, your school or organization should provide a pre-pay link and code prior to photo day. Proofs will be available 7-14 days after photos are taken to view and order if a pre-pay order is not placed.

If i did not pre-order my photos, When are proofs available?

Photos are available to view 5-10 days after photo day. This time may vary during peak season.

Can i order individual prints (ala carte)?

Most galleries require a package to be ordered before individual prints can be added. We offer a variety of packages that should meet most families needs.

What is the free Shipping window?

Orders placed on or before your organizations Free Shipping deadline will have free delivery. These orders will be delivered to the school/organization in about 2-3 weeks from the free delivery deadline. Any order placed after the deadline, will be shipped directly to your home.

Photo make-up day and retakes (k-12 schools)

Photo make-up and retake day are offered at most  k-12 schools. If you did NOT have photos taken on picture day please make any necessary plans with the school for make-up day. If you DID have your photos taken and would like a retake, please complete the “Need More Help?” form below so we can be prepared on photo day. Indicate retake request in the message box.

Photo make-up and retakes (preschool)

Photo make-up and retake day are NOT offered at most  preschools. We do offer 5-10 minute retakes at our studio and will offer the preschool pricing. Please complete the “Need More Help?” form below. In the message indicate if  it is a make-up or retake request. Studio make-up days are Wednesdays. 

If i want a photo retouched, how much will it cost?

We have a basic retouching option added to most photo galleries. If you do not see this option available please contact customer service.

Need more help?