About us

Fred and Lori Koppold, Owners

About Us​

Tenth Street Photography is all about slowing down the speed of life. In 2003 we began by creating memorable sports images through our business Pictures and Posters. As the business grew, so did our team. We purchased a picturesque property in 2015 on Tenth Street in Noblesville, Indiana. The historic home (pictured below) serves as a studio; and also provided a new business name.

Our Mission

The Tenth Street Photography team of photographers specializes in four key areas of volume photography: Schools, Sports (including dance, cheer, choir, band, karate…), Family – High School Seniors, and Photo Stations – Corporate Events – Head Shots. Our mission is to provide quality photos that tell a story while capturing a fun memory for the future.

It is an honor and blessing to be part of making memories; our team would love to photograph you.

Thank you Lord for photographs,

For sweet, sweet glimpses of our past,
Reminders of what once was,

And quickly slipped away from us.

Can true warmth paper in part,

As we press it to our heart?
And close our eyes,  longing to see,

An almost forgotten memory.

And magically it comes alive,

And we are somewhere else inside,
Moved back in time to another place,

Filled with thoughts of some young face.
A child, a mother, husband or friend,

The possibilities have no end.

We have the gift to time suspend,

And catch a moment that doesn’t end.
At least on paper we can forever see,

That precious, dear memory,
Thank you that it can always last,

Because of the gift of photographs.

Written by Lori Koppold